SACRED SPACE Mug—Red, Pink or Black


Honor and protect the haven where your soul finds solace. With each sip, let the serene art and powerful words guide you to preserve your own sacred space amidst life's hustle. 


Just as the art emanates tranquility, let your chosen moments bring calm and rejuvenation. Whether it's morning coffee or evening tea, let this mug cocoon you in the comfort of your own sanctuary. With every use, reaffirm the importance of nurturing your inner tranquility. 


Embrace this mug, and let it be your touchstone, reminding you to prioritize the peace that your sacred space brings.

Featuring Will Carpenter's "Iluminada" art print.

  • 11oz
  • White ceramic with contrasting color interior and handle
  • Available in black, red or pink
  • C-handle is comfortable to use
  • Artwork by Will Carpenter (Folk Art Technology)
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