Sun Circle Pet Bowl


Celebrate Every Moment with Our Custom Pet Bowl!

Our pet bowl is Encircled by the sun’s embrace. Perfect for both cats and dogs, this ceramic bowl adds personality to feeding time.

Measuring 6″ in diameter, 2.25″ in height, and 19″ in circumference, it provides ample space for any design or message, extending up to 8″ across the front. Bring a touch of art and love to your pet’s mealtime. Order now and make every feeding a special moment!


The custom pet bowl is a great way to introduce a bit more pet personality into the feeding time. These ceramic bowls measure 6″ in diameter, 2.25″ in height and 19″ in circumference. Any included design or message can extend up to 8″ across the front.

.: 16oz (0.473 l)
.: Glazed finish
.: Material: white ceramic
.: One size: 6″ in diameter, 2.25″ tall, 19″ circumference
.: Design wraps around half of the bowl

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